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How To Be The “Pied Piper” of Social Media


social media pied piper

Typically, when an interested person visits your blog, or your social media profile, they want to know more about you. If you have a welcoming video, they may watch it, but seldom does it have enough insight into the REAL “you.”

So, among the first actions they take is to read your “About Me” style page in your blog, or a “background” style entry in your social media profile.

This biographical type information can literally make you, or break you, as far as moving an online relationship forward.

Yet, it is TRAGIC how B-O-O-O-O-R-I-N-G, and poorly thought out most biographical information is. In fact, I activate the snooze button on my clock when I know I’m going to be reading most online bios.

So, I’m going to provide for you 7  kick-butt tips on turning your personal background information into eye-ball gluing content that will turn you into the “pied piper” of social media.
1.) Separate Your Sections into Headlines Using Bold Text

Make the headlines intriguing. Whatever you do, don’t make the headlines read like your resume!
A couple of provacative headlines could be, “You’ll NEVER Believe What Happened Next!”, or “Just When I thought It Couldn’t Get Worse!” Guide your readers through your story with provocative headlines.

2) Keep It Long Enough To Tell Your Story, But Short Enough To keep Their Interest.

PLEASE, don’t write the latest version of “War and Peace!

3) If Possible, Use Plenty of Images and Personal Photos

People LOVE pictures, particularly when they tie into a story. Why do you think that children’s books and magazines are all pictures? Spread the pictures throughout your bio. Pictures of family members, you with a celebrity, pets, all help people get to know you.

social media pied piper

4) Write it as if You Were Directing it to People You Know Well

Write in a very “conversational” style and use simple words. Use the second person tense to engage them. Remember, this is not a book report, your bio should be fun and entertaining.

5) Be Open, Honest, and Genuine

Tell people what you believe in, and why you do what you do. Let people know about some of the mistakes you’ve made, and what you learned from them. Most importantly, tell them about the trials and tribulations you’ve experienced to get where you are today( we’ve ALL had trials and tribulations).

6) Tell Your Readers Why You Are The Perfect Person To Work With

Demonstrate to your readers that you understand their problems, and how you will provide solutions. Give examples of some of your success stories.

7) provide a “Call to Action” at the end

Direct them to take a specific action. For example, you could remind them to sign up for your email list, or download your free gift. You could suggest that they share your bio with their Facebook friends, or their Twitter followers.

Do your have any suggestions for writing a successful bio/”about me” page? What do you try and accomplish with your bio page? Please, share your ideas and opinions with our community. If you have experiences, we would love to benefit from them! Go ahead and leave a comment while you’re here! I personally respond to ALL comments.

Do you have others that would benefit from learning this information? Perhaps they want to be successful at social networking, too.  Go ahead and Share this with your facebook friends and your Twitter followers. Just “click” one of the buttons at the top, or bottom of the page.   THANKS!




  1. Blaine says:

    Michael- I couldn’t agree with you more! Most people write their bio like it was a business paper. They don’t understand that it doesn’t do them any good to have a bio if nobody reads it! Keep em coming! Thanks!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks Blaine! The fact is that any time you write non technical copy, your goal should be to engage the reader. People are on the “fly” and they don’t have time for B-O-O-O-O-R-I-N-G stuff! Appreciate your comment Blaine!

  2. Cassandra G says:

    This was helpful for me as I’m trying to put together a new blog. Btw, I always read people’s backgrounf info when I visit a new site. And, you’re right, it makes a difference if it’s fun and interesting.
    Thanks for the post!


    • Mike says:

      Yeah Cassandra, I believe that most people read bios and “about” type pages, especially if they stick around your page/site for any length of time. Good luck with your blog! Thanks for your input!

  3. Really helpful info- thanks Michael!

  4. Mike,
    Don’t know what happened to my comment. I know I wrote one yesterday…..So, if this should happen to show up twice, blame it on my computer, not the operator!!!

    “The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere. ” ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

    This pretty much explains my thoughts. If you can’t be yourself when writing your bio, how can you carry on later when people actually get to know you.

    When someone reads my/our bio, I want them to feel like they could come on in and have a cup of coffee and visit awhile.

    Mike, once again you’ve nailed it right on the head.

    We’ve been using your tips and techniques on our blog and hope that we’ve applied them wisely.

    Great post!!

    Alice and Jerry Tunnell

    • Mike says:

      Hi Jerry & Alice!- What a great way to think about your bio/profile! People should definitely get a “comfortable” feeling about you when they read your info. Tha’s why pictures are so effective, people put your “story” to the pictures. Thanks for your input!

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