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The Top 10 Ways To Update Your Facebook Status


Regardless of whether you use facebook for social, or business networking, you should be aware of some basic ground rules and tips for updating your status. First and foremost, ALWAYS be on the lookout for more likeminded friends, NOT just customers for your business.

Some really obvious things to avoid are updating your status too often. While the tiniest details of your life may be interesting to you, they will turn off many of your friends in a hurry.

Face it, NOBODY cares if you just washed your hair.

Generally, three to four updates each day should do the trick. With those obvious things not to do in mind, let’s take a look at 10 ways to update your Facebook status that will help you gain friends in a hurry, and also help you build trust and loyalty with the ones you already have.

1) Post links to valuable content provided by one of your friends. This is a great way to unselfishly solidify your friendship. You just may find that your friend will reciprocate, and post links to your content as well. This can be especially powerful if your friend has alot of friends.

2) Post links to your content. This is especially effective if you are an active blogger. It is a great way for you to establish credibility with friends in your niche. Make sure that your content is first rate.

3) Post links to attention grabbing videos. This is particularly effective if you place the videos on your blog, as it is sure to drive traffic. Simply visit YouTube and find short, funny videos. Make sure you let your friends know that the videos are short, preferably under 90 seconds.

4) Post jokes and positive quotes. The jokes should be relatively short, possibly “one liners.”Tell them to a friend first and make sure that someone else thinks they are funny, too. Select quotes that are motivational and inspirational, not controversial.

5) Provide photos taken during a vacation, a day trip, or a conference. Arrange the photos so that they tell the “story” of the event or trip. Provide a variety of photos, not just family and friends

6) Provide links to free online tools and resources. Be sure to tell your friends why these tools/resources are valuable. Your friends will begin to view you as a valuable resource.

7) Promote upcoming events for your friends. Provide the details of upcoming webinars, teleseminars, and interviews that involve your friends. Make sure that the events you promote are worthwhile and provide value. You may find that your friends will help you promote one of your events.

8) Announce your friend’s birthdays, new jobs, new business ventures, anniversaries, etc. Show your friends that you care, and they may reciprocate.

9) Share a brief, personal anecdote. It could be a funny observation, a sad story, a lesson learned, etc. Don’t make it long winded and drawn out.

10) Ask questions and ask for opinions. You could ask questions about issues concerning your niche. You could ask for opinions on current events or trending news stories. Questions are great for creating lots of comments.

How about you? What kinds of things do you do to update your status? What works for you and what doesn’t? Be sure to put your 2 cents in by leaving a comment. Any questions? Ask Away! I answer all questions and respond to all comments personally¬†within 24 hours.

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  1. Gina says:

    I’m kind of new to Facebook, so this was real good for me! It will stop me from doing stupid stuff with my status. SO many people are obnoxious with their status updates, and they write the stupiest stuff. As usual, you always provide the most useful info- keep it up!


    • Mike says:

      Glad I could help, Gina! You’ve known me long enough to know that you can pm me any other questions you have, or ask them right here on my blog!
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Les P. says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how many idiots I’ve had to remove as friends because of their crazy status updates. I mean to to tell you, goofy videos, borderline pornographic pictures, obviously trying to send me to a sales page etc. etc. It’s the reason why you have to be careful with who you “friend.”
    Thanks alot Michael!


    • Mike says:

      Yeah Les, You mentioned the key thing, be careful who you accept as a friend. At the very least, visit their profile and get an idea who you are dealing with. It can save you alot of aggravation! Thanks for your input, Les!

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