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Twitter Tips-The “Tricks” To Tweeting


I must admit to being a relative newcomer to Twitter, as I only started “tweeting” last year. I took the plunge rather than being branded as a social outcast, much less as being “uncool.”

Heaven forbid I should be “uncool.”

Twitter tips

I started out pretty ignorant, as there really isn’t alot of good information about
navigating all that Twitter has to offer.(the operative word is “good” information)

However, by trial and error, I have managed to make it a very effective
tool for building my business. I have definitely learned some “do’s” and
don’ts when it comes to the fine art of “tweeting.”

Tip#1 Don’t Include Links To Sales Pages, Sales Letters, or sales videos In Your Tweets.

Placing links to spammy, hard core sales material is the fastest way to
lose followers. If you are interested in introducing a follower to a product
or service, send them to a WELL WRITTEN review, by a reputable source. Be sure to
let them know via the tweet that they are going to a review page.

Whenever possible, let your followers know where they are going to be taken when
they click on a link.

Tip#2 Send Out Tweets To Notify Followers Of Very Current, Trending News.

Recently a hurricane ravaged the east coast of the U.S.just a few weeks after an earthquake had struck many of the same areas. Sending out tweets to keep your followers posted on news related to those kinds of events is very appreciated. Tweets that keep followers posted on current events makes you a valuable asset, and gets you noticed.

Tip#3 Make People Smile With Your Tweets

If you know funny, one liner type jokes, they can get you noticed. Or, include a link to a funny YouTube video. Anything funny is a big hit on Twitter. It makes sense because we all could use a laugh nowadays.

Twitter tips

Tip#4 Don’t Be A “One Tweet” Pony

It is important to be consistant and regular with your Tweets. Don’t tweet 5 times in one day, and then go two days without tweeting. It’s difficult to say how many tweets are appropriate on a
given day, but 3-4 tweets spread out throughout the day is a fair “rule of thumb.”

Tip#5 Re-tweet The Tweets of Followers That Provide Value

Get into the habit of regularly re-tweeting the tweets of followers that consistantly provide useful and helpful value with their tweets. Believe me, they will notice and they will appreciate it. After awhile, it is likely that they will start to re-tweet your tweets. If you are very consistant with the habit of re-tweeting, it can create an ENORMOUS amount of syndication for your tweets!

I’m sure you’ve got some helpful tips on tweeting, and by all means, share them with the community by leaving a comment. We’d REALLY appreciate it! I answer all comments and questions personally.

If you got some benefit from this post, please share it with your Facebook Friends, and tweet it to your Twitter followers. Thanks!


  1. Lisa M. says:

    Michael- What do I do about all my obnoxious followers who only send out “trashy” tweets? Should I “Unfollow” them?
    Thanks for the great info!


    • Mike says:

      Yep, Lisa unfollow them in a heartbeat, and it wouldn’t hurt to shoot them an email explaining why. Thanks for your input!

  2. Alan says:

    Personally, I don’t care what somebody ate for breakfast, or whether or not they are going to the gym. People get WAY to caught up with benign tweets. Excellent tips, Michael, thanks!


    • Mike says:

      Boy, Alan, I’m with you! I unfollow anybody who has nothing better to do than tweet about the minutia of their minute-to-minute life! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Louis says:

    More great content- keep it coming Michael!


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