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5 Lethal Blogging Mistakes (Part 2)


O.K. everyone, it’s time to add the final 2 blogging mistakes to the mix. For those of you that missed the first 3 tips, I would suggest that you check them out first. You can do that by CLICKING HERE

Before I get to the specifics, let me just say that if you are making these blogging mistakes, it’s gonna KILL the success of your blog. Notice the period at the end of that last sentence.


Mistake#4: Blog Posts With Lousy Titles

Nowadays, it’s hard to get the attention of web surfers. With so many people competing for “eyeballs” on the Web, you have to be clever and creative to capture the fancy of a hard core surfer. My good ness gracious, just take a gander at a Facebook or Twitter feed if you want to see how many folks have something to say.

A common reason for lousy titles is that many bloggers are obscessed with pleasing the search engines with keywords. From an SEO standpoint, having your main keyword in the title is very important. However, if the title is unintereting to good old fashioned human beings, they won’t investigate your content.

The key is to create titles that please the search engines, AND provoke human beings into checking out your content. I like to use a 2 part title that is designed to highlight the main keyword, while also creating a psychological trigger that causes a surfer to want to access your offerings.

For example, let’s say the main keyword for your blog post is “Facebook Changes.” In the post, you are going to discuss recent changes on Facebook, and possible future changes. Your title must reflect what the blog post is about, without misleading the reader.

So, your post title must have 3 elements to be optimally effective: The main keyword in the title(preferably in the first part of the title), a psychological trigger, and it must describe to the reader what the post is all about.

Going back to our example of a keyword, which is “Facebook changes”, let’s come up with a title.

For the first part of the title, we would put the main keyword, so it would read, “Facebook Changes”, then we would place a hyphen. The second part of the title might read “How Prepared Are YOU For The New Facebook Changes?” So, the entire title would read, “Facebook Changes- How Prepared Are YOU For The New Facebook Changes?”

The psychological triggers in the second part of the title are fear and curiosity. Individuals reading the title might be afraid that they are not adequately prepared for the changes, while also being curious about what the changes actually are.

Your titles must create an emotional response in order for them to be effective. They must create emotions such as fear or anger, or feelings such as curiosity. People take action when they are stimulated emotionally.

Mistake#5: Blog Posts That Are Always Intended To Sell Something

Don’t you just hate it when you sign up for a newsletter or ezine, and you are immediately bombarded with sales offers? You are seduced into going to a blog to read more about a topic, and it’s just a ploy to sell you something.

One of the fastest ways to get people to unsubscribe from your list, or never visit your blog again, is to SELL< SELL< SELL!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting products and services, except when it is obvious that all you care about is the almighty dollar. I personally feel like the vast majority of your posts should provide value to your visitors. There is no “rule of thumb”as to the ratio of promotinal posts vs value driven posts, but I would say it should obey the 80/20 rule. Roughly 80% of your posts should provide excellent value, and 20 percent can be promotional.

Hopefully, helping you become aware of these blogging mistakes will improve the performance of your blog. The bottom line is your blog should become a valued resource for your subscribers, visitors and followers. Always put yourself in the position of visiting your blog, would you CONSISTENTLY have a good experience?

I hope so.

What is a simple tip for successful blogging? Has your blog traffic improved? Why? Leave a comment and share your experience with the entire community. Any questions for me? Leave them in the comments area as well. I answer all comments and questions within 24 hours. Did you benefit from this post? If you did, share it with your Facebook friends, and tweet it to your Twitter followers. They will appreciate it!


  1. Leo says:

    Michael- I read your first post yesterday and I thought it was helpful. But these last 2 mistakes are EXACTLY what so many people screw up on. ESPECIALLY on Facebook and Twitter! They fool people into going to pages, or blogs that are really just sales pages. It’s disgusting! Thanks for your great sharing!


    • Mike says:

      Hey Leo! Yeah, but the saddest thing is that they can get away with being overly promotional, at least for awhile. It takes awhile for newbies to figure out the “game”, and by the time some of them do, it’s too late. That’s why it’s so important to find a mentor to help you avoid the “mine fields.” Thanks for your input Leo!

  2. Greta says:

    Hey Michael, it’s been awhile since I have tatsed some of your “juicy” content! Good stuff! It’s refreshing to find people that actually know what they are talking about!You’re SO right about blogs being about people- not perpetuating pocket books and wallets.


    • Mike says:

      Greta, Where have you been girl? Thanks for the kind words and your recent testimonial. I appreciate them. You need to come around and say “hey” more often!


  3. Hey Mike,great advice. We all need to be reminded of “the rules” of quality writing of our blogs and articles to keep us on track.
    Even the “guru’s” have master mind meetings with others to stay on top of their game.

    Thank You So Much For Your Leadership!!!

    Jerry and Alice

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