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Free Blog Traffic- The One Secret You NEED To Know!

Free Blog Traffic

Get More Blog Traffic NOW!

Basically, their are two ways to get traffic to your blog, you can pay for it, or you can get traffic free.

I like F-R-E-E better, how about you?

However, while increasing the amount of traffic that you get is important, what you REALLY need is….

TARGETED traffic!

Yep, you need folks that are interested in your message, products, or services.

Or, ALL of the above.

I see a hand raised in the back of my virtual classroom. A question is asked….

“O.K. Mr. Wizard, how do I drive TONS of targeted, free blog traffic to my little, lonely blog????”

Hold on to your hats, pay CLOSE attention, and FOLLOW THESE STEPS….

Step l- Go to Google and find several popular forums in your niche. Simple “Google” in the main keyword for your niche, and put “forums” next to it in quotes. For example, if you are in the weight loss niche, you would “Google” in the search term, weight loss “forums”.

Step 2- Select several forums that have lots of forum members, and many active topics and threads. Before you join the forum, read the forum rules and make sure that they allow links in your signature file.

Step 3- Go to each forum and carefully analyze the topics of each thread. Read what forum members are posting. Select topics that lend themselves to strong opinions, and possibly even a little controversy.

Step 4-  Begin responding to various posts with strong, adversarial opinions. Be careful not to offend with your posts, but let it be known that you have a strong opinion on the topic. Encourage other forum members to engage with you. As you engage with other members, you will create a following of people that are interested in what you post next.

Step 5- Create an intriguing signature file, with a link to your blog. The signature could read, “Visit “your name” at her cutting edge blog, “your link”, “your name” always keeps her visitors on the edge of their computer chairs!”

Step 6- Start forum threads that allow you to participate with strong opinions and controversial topics.

Follow these six steps at several active forums, and you will have a steady stream of visitors that are interested in your niche, and your opinions. MAKE SURE you encourage them to “follow you on Twitter.”

Their you have it, a relatively little known, but HIGHLY effective strategy for generating TONS of free blog traffic!

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  1. John says:

    The key is to find the right forums. Some are alot more active than others. If you end up on a “dud” forum, you’re just spinning your wheels. Good read, Mike, not alot of folks know this stuff!


  2. Hi Mike…

    Wonderful post! I don’t get into forums much because I haven’t quite understood how they can help me.

    Your explanation and to-do list gives me a clear road map to follow so I can now feel comfortable participating in forums more.

    I like knowing that being controversial is a good thing…sometimes I can get rather opinionated, so having guidelines helps!


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