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Meet Michael

Michael Hutchins

Michael S. Hutchins

In a nutshell, here is what I do….

I work with solo business owners, who are trying to market their business online, but they are confused by too many choices, and they find it difficult to focus and be productive. I help them find their best marketing options, while helping them to learn to focus on their most profitable activities. Ultimately, they learn to love being their own boss, while doubling their income and working 50% less hours.


If you are looking for a “cookie cutter”, Zig Ziglar quoting, politically correct, ear-to-ear GQ smiling, telling you what you want to hear, type of small business coach/consultant….


My online journey began in June of 2005, after I was laid off my last real j.o.b. I was the sales and management trainer for Bally Total Fitness, in both the Houston and San Antonio markets. I developed my coaching skills while I was with Bally Total Fitness. They offered training in holding coaching “conversations” with the sales staff and the managers.

Actually, many years earlier, I learned consultative selling skills through The Dale Carnegie course. The skills used in consultative selling are very similar to coaching skills. Currently, I work with many clients on sharpening their consultative selling skills, and they LOVE it! They discover how to convert strangers into prospects, and prospects into clients, while creating a win-win situation for everyone.


Mom will be 93 in July 2011!


Entering the online world in 2005 was a GIGANTIC leap of faith. I was extremely technically challenged, and basically knew nothing whatsoever about The Internet.


All I knew was that the politics and nonsense involved with working for someone else, was simply not an option anymore. I had actually worked for myself very successfully in the offline world, having built and sold 3 businesses from scratch. (and when I say “scratch”, I mean almost no “seed” capital!)

But this Internet “thing” was a WHOLE different ballgame!

The Internet marketing “gurus” had a field day with me. I’m sure that they licked their chops when they saw my name appear on their email lists.

In 21/2 years, I was 15,000.00 in debt, and sinking FAST!

My partner Laura and I love hiking!

Funny thing about never giving up. The more you do it, the more you have the opportunity to learn and grow. I finally came upon a strategy for building small, 3 page websites, selling solitary products, that actually WORKED!

The sites  only averaged monthly profits of 50.00-100.00, so I started building more and more sites.

Currently, I have over 100 sites that earn me a nice passive income each month. It is a strategy that I teach my clients as well.

I added the coaching/consulting component to my business in 2009, when 2 of my colleagues that I knew from my days in the fitness industry contacted me.

They wanted me to help them market their gyms locally, by using the Internet. I helped them  build lead generating websites, and their gym enrollments increased by an average of 29% in 6 months!

In late 2009, I became certified through The International Coaching Federation(ICF), and I began accepting online clients. Currently, I have clients from 6 different countries. If you are interested in reading what my clients are saying about working with me, I encourage you to visit my “More Testimonials” page, here on my blog.

The Alligator Syndrome

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