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4 Lessons You Must learn From Lady GaGa- Lessons 3 & 4


Lady GaGa
Lesson # 3  Attract a Following by Aligning Yourself With a Popular Cause

It’s no secret that Lady GaGa is a strong advocate
for the gay community.

She has openly protested the government’s “Don’t Ask-
Don’t Tell” policy which prohibits gays from the military.

She began vigorously campaigning with The Servicemembers
Legal Defense Network, for the government to repeal the law.

She promoted the cause through numerous YouTube videos,
and postings on her blog.

Although the relationship between her advocacy, and her
rise to popularity are not totally clear, experts in
cause marketing tell us that consumers are more inclined

to buy a product or service from someone who is aligned
with a cause that they support.

They will buy even if they were not attracted to a business
to begin with.

In fact, 80% of 1,057 U.S. adults surveyed last July
said they’d favor a brand that’s associated with a good
cause over another that’s similar in price and quality,
according to Cone LLC, a strategy and communications agency

Lady GaGa

Lesson #4) Promoting Yourself Online is Cheap and Gives You Massive leverage

Lady Gaga has amassed a humongous amount of fans on Facebook and
Twitter, even more than President Obama – all without
paying one red cent.

They also didn’t arrive over night. The “Fame Monster”
initially posted videos to YouTube, becoming the
first artist to score more than one billion views on
the video-sharing site.

While the average entrepreneur
may not generate as much buzz with an online song an dance routine,
it is possible to build a following with a creative video
and without spending much.

Again, the key is to distinguish yourself. If you
are searching for a niche, find one that you can really
“sink your teeth” in. Study the problems that are universal
to your niche, and provide unique solutions.

The 2 “U’s” are “unique” and “useful”.

For example, if you play guitar, create videos with
you playing a unique “theme” song, and then providing
your niche with a useful tip. Create a series of these
videos and give yourself a handle that people will

Sorry, “Lady GaGa” is already taken!

Everyone has their own opininion of Lady GaGa-
What is your’s? Do you think she has talent,
or just a novelty act? Leave a juicy comment

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  1. Missy says:

    I think Lady GaGa Rocks! I mean she is so cool and unique. She’s not the same old same old that you see all the time. People that knock her are only jealous. Love this post, Mike!


  2. Vance Caputo says:

    Yeah, lady GaGa is weird like a fox. She knows EXACTLY what’s she doing. The big thing though is that she’s got talent, which is more than can be said for some of the other weirdos out there. Take care- mike

    Vance C.

    • Mike says:

      Vance & Missy- I think you’re both right. If you don’t care for lady GaGa, just separate her appearance from her music. When you are able to do that, it is hard to deny the talent. It would be interesting to speculate on whether she would still be a star if she didnt have her unique look etc. What do you think?

  3. I’m not sure about the talent. I’ve watched a few of you video’s, listened to some of her music, and it seems that what carries her music and popularity is her “persona”. She reminds me of some of the more popular artists during the early ’80’s when MTV was getting really big. The wilder the “performance and the costumes”, the better it seemed they could sell their music.
    Personally, I see no real talent from this woman. Take away the special effects, the dress up gear, and all the back up music, give her a mic, and see how she handles singing solo. Than we would be able to judge her real music.

    Alice Tunnell

    • Mike says:

      She’s kind of a modern day version of Madonna. At any rate, I’m sure was influenced my Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Cher, performer like that. Thanks for your input, Alice!

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