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Dancing With The Stars- A Lesson Learned

Dancing with the Stars

2011 was a GREAT Season!

I must admit to being hooked on “Dancing With The Stars.”

C’mon now, aren’t you?

This season was particularly cool. We had Hines Ward and his mom, the return of “Karate Kid” drama, a svelte Kirstie Alley( who looks so good that Ted Danson might start chasing her again!), and for Heaven sake- Josh Groban singing, “You Lift Me Up.”

What more could we ask for?

How about the return of  of Dereck and Julianne Hough?

Now it has occurred to me to ask the question of why some celebrity types elect to perform on “Dancing With The Stars(assuming they are invited, of course). My guess is that the reasons are as varied as the celebrities themselves.

However, I think the universal reason has alot to do with where they are in their lives and their careers. Highly visible, trending celebrities, have much more to lose than they have to gain by appearing, particularly if they have 2 left feet.

Generally, the celebrities who elect to appear, haven’t been in the public “eye” for awhile. They miss the adoring fans and all the attention. Some of the celebrities, such as the chefs and models, are only visible to a cult audience

They feel the need to “grab more eyeballs.” Many of the older celebrities feel the need to demonstrate to themselves, and others, that they still have the right “stuff.” And, many of them DO still have the right stuff(just remember Mrs. Brady & Susan Lucci- among others)

Now at this point you may be asking yourself, “What does “Dancing With The Stars Have To Do With Online Business Building & Personal Developent???”


It has everything to do with a mindset that every solo business owner must have in order to survive. We MUST be willing to get out of our “comfort zone.”

And leave it in our mental “rearview mirror.”

Look, almost every celebrity that has appeared on “Dancing With The Stars,” has said that it was one of the most challenging periods of their lives

And trust me, most of those folks have had challenging lives. They put their egos and reputations on the line,(not to mention their anterior cruciate ligaments).

Let’s face it, there are easier ways to spend 10 weeks.

But they do it. And for the most part, they perform surprisingly well.

As a solo business owner, you’re the “man”(or “woman”). The buck starts with you, and the buck stops with you. If a new skill that is totally alien to you has to be learned, don’t look to your left or right, look in the mirror for who needs to learn the skill.

Yep, it’s ALL on you!

But, at the end of the day, even though we don’t get scored by judges, we have to live with ourselves.  It is hard to describe the satisfaction that you feel after being on the verge of suicide, trying to learn something totally foreign, and you TRIUMPH!

For a solo business owner, THAT is our Mirrorball trophy!

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By the way, what DID you think about the 2011 season of “Dancing With The Stars?”

Leave a comment and let us know what’s on your mind. For example, did you think that Hines and Kym deserved to win?


  1. Great thoughts – yes you did find a metaphor for us. Since the buck stops with me, I often find myself passing through the living room back to my office while my wife and daughter enjoy the show. Don’t worry… my thing is mystery books, late at night. I’ll come up with a metaphor for that 😉

    • Mike says:

      Hi Richard, Thanks for stopping by! Yep, just call me “Mr. Metaphor”, never “Mr Simile”!Come back often, Richard, I won’t disappoint you!

  2. Dave says:

    Season 12 has to be the best of the best. Everyone had a favorite but the competition was so incredibly close that it was impossible to call. Kirstie, at the age of 60, was nothing short of awe inspiring. What an amazing performance. Chelsey was the epitome of grace, beauty and irrestible charm. Disney certainly knows how to pick ’em. And then there’s Hines – a million dollar smile with a heart as big as all outdorrs. A gentleman and all around class act in every sense of the word. I thought Chelsey was the best dancer. But who could possibly deny that all three of them are champions in every sense of the word? The bar has been set very high for Season 13. But if Derek and Julianne return – folks will be talking about Season 13 for a very, very long time.

    • Mike says:

      What amazes me, Dave, about “Dancing With The Stars”, is that it is a “live” show. These folks don’t get any “do-overs!” Yet, it is very rare that you see a major screw up. As far as I’m concerned, EVERYONE who has the guts to appear on that show is a champion! Thanks for your comment, Dave!

      • Dave says:

        I could not agree more. Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! But isn’t it fascinating that virtually every single one of them talks about what an unbelievably valuable and life-changing experience they had? There is a very profound lesson there for all of us. Persistence, along with absolute belief, can never be defeated.

        • Mike says:

          Thanks Dave! Granted the show is all about entertainment, but you can’t deny the reality of a non-dancer with a reputation, putting it all on the line in front of 60 million people!

  3. Mike,

    Well, Jerry and I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars.
    In fact, we don’t even have satellite/cable connection for the t.v.
    So, we don’t spend a whole lot of time watching t.v.

    But, coming from personal experience, whenever I’ve been pushed outside my “comfort zone” that’s when I see some of the most “personal growth” in my self.
    When the situation is over, I can look back with absolute pride in myself and know that “Yes, I CAN do it!”

    Alice Tunnell

    • Mike says:

      If you don’t watch much t.v., I take my hat off to you! I know that you guys would rather go camping! In terms of persistence, I always like the quote, “There is no growth without discontent”. (author-unknown)

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