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Solo Entrepreneurs- 4 Lessons You Must Learn From Lady GaGa


Lady GaGa


Listen to the sweet sound of cashola as it pours into Lady GaGa’s
obese bank account.

Go ahead and like her, love her, hate her, lust for her

But in four distinct areas, you MUST….
learn from her!!


Forbes Magazines reported that Lady GaGa earned a cool
62 million smackers last year, making her the seventh
highest paid musician on the planet.

She also peddles sunglasses, headphones, and she has
lucrative partnerships with Amazon and Zynga.

Her latest record, “Born This Way”, sold over a million
copies in the first WEEK after it’s release in late

Although she has a plethora of “people” working
for her and around her, Lady GaGa is technically
a solo entrepreneur.

That’s right, folks, a kindred spirit.

And she has accomplished in a few short years, what
most of us would do backflips for, in a LIFETIME.

That being said, it is well worth your while
to take these 4 Lessons from lady GaGa to heart

Lady GaGa

Lesson # 1
Don’t Just Be a Face in the Crowd

Now, you may or may not approve of Lady G’s
wardrobe or appearance, but it gets your attention-

Doesn’t it?

Now, I ask you this….

What is more likely to occupy prime space
in your memory banks-

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady G’s real handle)


Lady Ga Ga?  
Thought so, I rest my case

The point is that boring people seldom get noticed.
You, as a solo business owner have to create more
of a lasting impression than your competition.


Get out there and voice your opinions, create
a little controversy. Put your own “spin” on
popular beliefs.

Comment on blogs in your niche

Post on forums in your niche

Comment on Facebook posts (just don’t “like” them)

Offer a valuable product or service to your niche
that your competition isn’t

In short…

Make yourself invaluable and MEMORABLE.

Lesson #2

You Don’t Have To Know Somebody To Make it Big

Lady GaGa grew up in anything but a “show business”

Basically, she didn’t know anybody connected to
the entertainment world.

She worked hard, studying music and dance,
mainly appearing in small “hole in the wall” venues.

She also faced LOTS of rejection- Def Jam Records,
for example, dropped her record deal.

The bottom line is that Lady GaGa made it big
because she’s a smart, determined, cookie.


What do you think of Lady GaGa? Musical genius,
or bonified freak?

Leave a comment and let us know- We’d love
your unique input!

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  1. Eddie says:

    Nice job Mike- I always knew I had something in common
    with Lady GaGa! Can’t wait for part 2


  2. Man, Lady GaGa really trips me out! She’s one chick that I really don’t get. I mean is she real? She looks more like a cartoon character.

    Peace- Lucho

  3. Sandy says:

    Hey Michael!

    Long time, no see. Your blog looks great,
    love the “alligator” book. As far as Lady GaGa,
    she’s a pretty smart ol gal, but I don’t think she’ll last.

    Have a good one!

    Sandy from San Diego

    • Mike says:

      Hi Sandy!

      GOOD to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by. It’s still anybody’s guess if Lady GaGa will stick around.
      Only time will tell. She’ll probably have to change some with the times, though.
      Come back soon- Lessons 3 and 4 from Lady GaGa are coming right up!


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