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The Attraction Marketing Myth


In recent years, a marketing concept known as “attraction marketing” has entered the voucabularies of many Internet entrepreneur wanna-bees, never will-bees, and wish I wuzzes.

attraction marketing

In a nutshell, attraction marketing works on the principle that if you make yourself “visible” on the Internet providing “value” to enough people in your niche, you’ll inevitably “attract” a following.

In fact, you might have to put on your track shoes and run away from your hordes of admirers!

This phenomena has spawned a whole new sector of individuals who refer to themselves as “visibility”
coaches. I guess their clientele is largely composed of transparent people.

At any rate, the job of of these personable folks is to get you “seen” online. Everywhere people surf online, they stand to read your words of wisdom, or get a look at your smiling kisser. These coaches will have you building a business page on Facebook that Elvis Presley would have been proud of, have you “tweeting” ad nauseum, joining 304 groups on Linkedin, etc. etc.

And you say to yourself, “these visibility coaches get themselves “seen”, so maybe I can be just like them.” “Besides, I’m TIRED of being invisible, a glass of water goes right through me!”

You see, all these visibility coaches jockey for position for who can seem the most visible. In fact, I saw one in my bathroom mirror the other morning!

Now I have no problem with the notion that being very present online can reap dividends for your business. In fact, I have no doubt about it.

However, I do have a problem with the message I see from so many of the attraction marketing types that make it seem like “anyone can do it.”


You see the major problem with attraction marketing is that everyone is trying to “attract” everyone else. Everyone thinks that everyone else is a potential client/customer.

So, generally what happens is that the “cream” rises to the top. The most talented, hard working, persistent attraction marketers, are perceived as people who know something that the other 97% don’t know.

They do know something that 97% don’t know, they know that you have to bust your butt, work long hours, have a charming personality, be technically saavy, network like Regis Philbin, in order to make the big bucks in attraction marketing. In fact, you have to have a good percentage of those qualities to make ANY bucks applying the principles of attraction marketing.

Oh, I almost forgot, you have to kiss alot of a_s_, too!

Are you trying to ‘attract” people to your business? What kind of success have you had? What tips can you offer our community regarding “branding” an individual or business online? Please leave a comment or a question for the whole community. I answer all questions and respond to all comments within 24 hours.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Michael- Alot of these so called “visibility coaches are “visible” because they form joint ventures with other coaches, and get the opportunity to market to their lists. It’s all about “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your’s”.

    p.s.- Thanks for the post- you write good stuff!

    • Mike says:

      You’re right jeff, but the coaches who form collaborations have something to offer each other, and they had to work hard and learn in order to be valuable to somebody else. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Tamara K says:

    I’ve been amazed at how many people are conned by these types of people. They give you the impression that you can be a ‘rock star” online in 30 days or less. What a joke!
    Thank you for telling it like it is Michael!


  3. Hi Mike. Hmmm interesting ideas and I agree with most of them. I love the ones that tell you while standing next to “their” yacht how they used a “special” attraction marketing technique to bring in a 6-figure income while they slept and they will tell you all about it for $19.95. But you better hurry, because this offer of such a low price is for a limited time only! I don’t know about you, but from my perspective, if they are really earning 6-figures, why do they need my $19.95?

    OK – now I have a question for YOU 🙂 How does one NOT be invisible then – to let’s say – someone else’s FB message box? 🙂

    • Mike says:

      Hi Julie,
      I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when I went to school, so you’ll have to forgive me for not understanding your question. At any rate, 19.95 becomes a pretty juicy number when you have 250 affiliates selling your stuff, too. It’s all a numbers game. Funny, though, people aren’t numbers. Thanks so much for your comment!

  4. Daniel says:

    I can see the simple truth of “serving” your market with value 1st, rather than being an old school sales person who tries to conquer their customer, and “tie” them down.

    Yes, I also agree, that 1 has to have a plan, work hard, and hopefully is blessed in his deeds to help others.

    All the above is given the fact that your product/service actually helps people.

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