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Who We Are

Solo Entrepreneur Solutions is passionate about working with small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and service based professionals to take you from being a well kept secret to being well known and successful asap!

We do this with online marketing strategies and tools, developing a winner’s mindset, jumpstarting your productivity,and “tough love” motivation to keep YOU on track and moving forward.

Our goal is to show you how to close the gap from where you are, and where you want to be!

We also keynote, train, consult and coach.

In short, we teach you the art of self management and we are dedicated to you success.


What We Do

Michael Hutchins works with small biz owners, solo entrepreneurs, home based business owners, and especially YOU when you are stretched too thin, feeling overwhelmed with too many tools and not enough strategy and no plan. As a team, we create a winning blueprint for your business & life.

Solo Entrepreneur Solutions was created by Michael Hutchins, to be a powerful resource for small business owners and solo online entrepreneurs. Over the years, Clients were primarily coming to them to learn business building strategies for marketing online.

However, after awhile it became clear to Michael, that many of these “solopreneurs” were having as much of a struggle mastering their own psychologies, as they were mastering Internet marketing. Listen to Michael’s brief audio message at the top left of this page, to discover Michael’s vision for increasing your business profits.