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Fathers Day “Food For Thought”- Have YOU Been Registered?


I have a friend that I chat with from time to time at the fitness center that I attend. His name
is Brian, and he is an expectant father.

Brian’s wife, Brandi, is expecting a baby girl in about 5 weeks.

Brian has been living with Brandi for about 2 years, and has acted as a dad “substitute”
for Brandi’s 7 year old daughter. Brandi had been a single parent until she and Brian wed
late last year.

Last week I approached Brian at the gym, and I asked him how his nerves were holding
up as he anxiously anticipated the birth of his daughter. She will be his first child.

His answer shocked me to say the least!

Instead of expressing concerns about the pain of delivery, or the inherent risks,
Brian expressed fears that are definitely a troubling sign of the times.

Brian had this to say to me; “Michael, I can’t BELIEVE how many registered sex offenders
live in our general area! I checked online, and found out that some actually live not far from our

After I had fully “digested” Brian’s response, I got to thinking about a culture
that has so many of these mentally ill predators, that we have to “tag” them, like
a spawning Salmon.

Then I thought, “If we register these threats to society, why not register those
that deserve our thanks and admiration

I assure you that there are MANY more of them.

My short list would include (forgive me if I leave somebody out)….

* Single parents who sacrifice so much of their personal life to play the role
of both parents. Let’s register them.

* Members of the “Big Brothers” organization, who give up their free time to act
as role models to children without dads. Let’s register them.

* Athletic coaches at all levels who inspire and teach kids the meaning of
sportsmanship and team play. Let’s register them.

* Teachers who instill a love of learning within children and a desire to excel. Let’s
register them.

* Older siblings who must sacrifice some of their youth in order to raise their
brothers and sisters, and put food on the table. Let’s register them.

* Moms, dads, and EVERY individual who puts their personal needs aside because
they understand that children are OUR future. let’s register every last one!

In fact…. Let’s register YOU!

Leave a comment and let us know about somebody who inspired you. Was it a teacher, parent, relative, coach, or somebody else? Share this message by sharing this post with your friends on Facebook, and your followers on Twitter. It’s time that we started giving notice to people we admire and respect! DO IT!



  1. Gary P says:

    Michael- It’s a shame we live in a society with so many
    weirdos, perverts, and career criminals. Where I grew up, we didn’t even have to keep the doors locked. Times have REALLY changed for the worse! Thanks for the post- I’m a dad, too!


    • Mike says:

      Gary, I appreciate your feedback. I think in some places, people can still sleep soundly with their doors shut. Unfortunately, those places are getting harder and harder to find.

  2. Bianca says:

    Spot on Michael! We need to pay attention to the vast MAJORITY of people who selflessly give of themselves and NEVER get recognition. Why are we, as a culture, so captivated by negative bs? Love your work, Michael


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