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Jerry & Alice Tunnell


Last year, when Jerry and I found Mike, we were literally floundering. We had a general idea of the direction we wanted to go in our business and life, but we were having trouble finding the right road to head down.  Like a signpost, Mike directed us down the right path.

In the 9 months we have been working with Mike, we have learned how to create our EBook, maneuver thru Blink Web, Animoto , Aweber, and  Timedriver . This is quite a feat, considering we had never even heard of these places. All this has been leading up to creating our blog, thru Word Press. We have currently published 12 posts to our blog. Mike is now coaching us on using Squidoo, and creating a Squidoo Lens.

Teaching us how to tie all this together was not always quick and easy. Mike has been patient, informative, encouraging and always helpful.

Having a coach is necessary, not only in life, but also for your business. We feel fortunate that we are able to have Mike as our coach. We have learned so much in the months that we have been working with Mike.

Thank You So Much Mike!!!

Jerry and Alice Tunnell

Fernley, Nevada

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Johanna Paco

Although I knew that internet marketing was the vehicle which will take my home based business into the next level of success, I was clueless and overwhelmed with how to go about it.  I was lost and bombarded with too much world wide web information and didn’t know where to start.

I was confused on what marketing system to use and which internet marketing guru to follow. If I had a question – I wanted to talk to a live human being whom I trust instead of filling out a troubleshoot ticket and just being a number on the internet.

It was a big sigh of relief to have found Mike Hutchins. He has made what was complicated to me into simple, attainable steps that I can follow on my road to internet marketing success.  I know that I can count on him that if I get stuck on anything, he is available to clarify and simplify things for me.  He has helped me focus on the tasks that are necessary to move my business forward and has even given me a bigger vision of where I can take my business in the future.

Mike Hutchins as a business coach is knowledgeable, a great teacher, a great source of encouragement and I’m forever grateful for the guidance he has provided.

Thanks Mike!

Johanna Paco

Eric Walker

If you haven’t met Michael Hutchins  and learned more about what he does, then I recommend you do. I’ve been on his email list for a few months his emails and the way he’s structured his business are worth your time. You also will want to read his short ebook called Alligator Syndrome. Thanks Michael. Nice work.

Eric Walker  Kalamazoo, Michigan

Eric Walker

Wildred Dolgner

One of the smartest decisions I ever made was to become one of Mike’s clients.
Between Mike’s knowledge and passion for giving, my marketing skills are growing
by leaps and bounds.

When I first started my sessions with Mike, my computer and marketing skills were
almost nil.  My journey is far from over but with his coaching:  I’ve discovered my niche,
created blogs, starred in videos, written articles, and even have an ebook!

Mike is an awesome coach who knows how to bring out the best in people.

Wildred Dolgner   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wildred The

Jenn Dize

The Alligator Syndrome is a must-read for anyone who finds that they can’t seem to accomplish their business goals. Mike, you have definitely written this in a way that is easy to understand and digest — it’s even fun! Thank you so much for your valuable insights.

Jenn Dize  Baltimore, Maryland

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Joan Madamba

Mike really is an action guy. I know what I want but need guidance in how to go about moving forward with my plans. And he provided that and am very encouraged to just do it!

Joan Madamba  Artesia, California

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Sandy Leverone

Mike was excellent. He listens, evaluates and responds. He has a firm grasp of business, business concepts and systems. It is evident he has been in the industry for some time. He was very helpful in that he can easily determine ones strenghts and weakness through ones conversation and offers constructive evaluation and action steps. In my particular area of weakness Mike over delivered by offering concrete suggestions, information and referral sources he has had positive experience with.

Sandy Leverone  Dallas, Texas

Tracey Ann Fernandez

Hi Michael, I finished your book early this morning. It was easy to read, easy to understand, and most importantly easy to do! You took the confusion and fear out of the equation and replaced them with confidence and focus. With the new found confidence and direction that is achieved from reading your book, Anybody can… SUCCEED at ANYTHING they set out to do! A must read for all new Entrepreneurs and struggling or burned out business owners. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to read and experience your book!

Tracey Ann Fernandez   Artesia, California

Your Fernandez

I’ve worked with Mike for a while now. Mike has a good grip on marketing and tends to promise you something and over deliver. He’s made things much easier for me in terms of getting out of that “where do I start mode”. If you have an idea but are unsure of how and where to start, Mike’s your guy                  Brett Cadiente   Mesa,  Arizona

Brett Cadiente

 “This is an AWESOME eBook! The lessons are absolutely Brilliant! If you are struggling in your business or even thinking about starting one…this is a must read! Thank you Michael Hutchins for this great gift!”

Deana Hudson  Wichita, Kansas