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Solo Business Owners- Here’s How To Ask Your “Boss” For A Raise


Regardless of whether you are a new solo business owner,
or a wizened old veteran, you undoubtedly have experienced
the challenges of staying focused.

The ironic part is that one of the key reasons you lose
your focus is that you have to be “on your game”, 24/7.

You know by now that there is nobody to take your “handoffs.”

You find yourself thinking about business ALL the time. Yep,
at the dinner table, in the shower, taking your dogs for a walk,
even when you’re asleep!

Conversely, when you are at “work”, you find yourself
thinking about personal stuff.

At the end of the day, you’re fagged out mentally, and
you haven’t accomplished much of anything.

You see, when you work for somebody else, you are ACCOUNTABLE
to somebody for your performance. And, chances are, that
somebody is accountable to somebody for their performance.

And so on and so forth.

When you work for yourself, you’re only accountable
to the person in the mirror.

And, all too often, your “boss” can be pretty lenient¬†
So, here’s the deal.

In many j.o.b.s., you are subjected to periodic performance
reviews. Frequently you have an opportunity to present
your case as to why you should get a raise, or a promotion.

Nowadays, you’d better be PREPARED with some compelling
reasons why your check should have an extra zero on it.

With the economy being in the dumper, you better
be a real silver tongue devil!

What’s that you say? You don’t have to be subjected to
no stinkin performance review?


Why not?

Maybe if you did have to be subjected to a
performance review…


What a concept.

So here’s what I want you to do…

I want you to write down a review of the performance
of your business. You need to include REAL, measurable numbers.

If your business has been around more than a year, I
want you to compare current numbers with numbers
from the previous 6 months.

If your business is pretty new, go back as far as you can
and chart the progress of your business.

What should you include?

It depends on your business model. However, you
might consider the following:

* website/blog traffic totals for each month
* subscribers to your newsletter for each month
* Gross revenue for each month
* net revenue for each month
* total sales volume for each month
* Total of new clients/distributors for each month
* number of presentations given to potential
  clients/distributors for each month

* Number of articles written for each month
* Number of blog posts for each month

O.k. You get the idea.

I want you to compile the information, and create a
brief presentation that you would give to your boss
if you worked in the “brick and mortar” world.

You can make the presentation to a mirror, or better
yet, to your webcam.

Basically, you are going to highlight the reasons
why you should get a raise, or promotion

Now, when you actually do this, AMAZING things will

Possibly for the first time, you will know exactly
where your business is headed. You will get an accurate
idea of how productive you’ve been,

You will actually KNOW whether or not you deserve
a “raise”.

Just do it.

Your business will NEVER move forward unless you know
where your business stands right now,
and your precise role in getting it there.

Trust me, it will OPEN your eyes!

Those of you that can’t put together this kind of
a presentation because you don’t have the information,
or you don’t keep much in the way of accurate records…

Well, I guess that’s one of the reasons why you
might get “fired”, instead of getting a raise.

“If you got some benefit from reading this post,
and you feel some other solo business owners would
benefit as well, share it-pass it around!
Definitely share it with your Facebook friends
and “Tweet” it to your followers.
Also I would love to have you leave a comment
about how you evaluate your personal performance.
Let others benefit from your experience!
Go ahead- Start a conversation now!”



  1. Mike,
    When I look back at the week to see what I’ve accomplished, I tend to be very critical. I see where I WANT to be, instead of WHAT I’ve done.
    So, I look at the posts I’ve completed,I usually shoot for 4-5 posts.
    I look at my “time sheet”. I keep track of the hours I work on my blogs thru-out the day. If I’ve worked 6-8 hours in front of the computer, I feel I’ve had a productive day.
    It’s amazing how fast the hours can fly by when your busy researching,typing and editing your posts.
    Finally, I look at the visitor’s to our blog. If I see an increase by 50%, than I feel confident that people are finding the blog.
    I’ll also look at the visit duration. The average visit shows 379 seconds, with over 40 people staying 1 hour or longer.
    This tells me that I’m writing interesting,informative posts.
    And, than I’ll look at the spider activity.
    Of course, when I’m done looking at all this, I start wondering how I can increase productivity in all areas.
    Never Happy!!!

    Hope you have a productive day!!!
    Jerry and Alice

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