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The Target Time Management System- How to Turn Your Time Into Gold


Target Time Management

No question about it, everyone has been introduced to lots of time management tips. Many of the business time management systems have much to offer, however it seems that they lack in at least one area. For a system to be totally effective, the individual applying it must be certain that it is effective. They must be able to measure the results. The “target” system is designed for maximum measurable results.

First, visualize an archery target.

The target has the smallest circle in the center, (the bull’s eye), with concentric circles gradually getting larger around it. Hitting the bull’s eye is the objective as it produces the most points. As the circles move further from the center, they get larger and produce fewer points.

The activities that comprise the running of a business can be prioritized using an archery target model. Let us assume that the main goal of a business is maximum profitability. Each business will have core activities that most DIRECTLY affect profitability.

It is up to each business owner to identify these activities, as well as ALL the activities required to run the business. Make a list of all the activities.


Are YOU turning your time into money???


Next, on a large erasable white board, draw an archery target. It should be plainly visible from your primary work space.

Take your list of all your business activities, and assign point values to them based on how closely they affect the profitability of the business. The points will be anywhere from 5 points for the most important activities, to 1 point for the least important.

You will assign ZERO points to non productive activities.

During your business day, each 30 minutes (approx) you will review the activity you are performing. You will walk up to the erasable board, and draw an arrow to the circle that provides the points you have just earned by performing the activity.

If you have performed a mix of activities, select the activity that you spent the most time on during that time block. The bull’s eye, for example, would earn you 5 points for that block of time.

Your daily objective is to earn more points than the previous day. If you manage to beat your daily scores for a week, be SURE to reward yourself!

This business time management system is SUPER powerful because it develops an acute, conscious awareness of what tasks you are performing throughout the day.

In a relatively short time, you will find yourself “naturally” performing more productive activities!

Keep a weekly total of your scores, and strive to beat the previous week

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How about you? Is time management a problem for you? If not, what suggestions do you have for our community on how to effectively manage time? We would really appreciate your input, so that everyone can benefit. Go ahead and leave a comment, even if it is brief.


  1. Bruce P says:

    Hi Michael,
    I generally just use my old tried and true “to do” list. I list the 3 most important things that I need to do each day, and if nothing else, I make sure that I at least do them. It’s kind of simple, but amazingly effective. Thanks for the cool concept!


  2. Faye says:

    Thanks Michael, I of all people really needed this post. Sometimes I am so disorganized that I could scream! Maybe this post will help. It sounds simple enough, I guess I’ll try it and see! Thanks again!


    • Mike says:

      Faye, Definitely give it a shot before you pull your hair out! If you need help, or have some questions, just shoot me an email. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Mike,
    I agree with Bruce P. I keep a “work” diary and within this diary are my to do lists. I actually learned this from an assistant manager at the retail store I used to work at. Every morning she had her “to do list” and she made sure it was all checked off before she went home. It made for a very productive day. I can see where my days are more productive when I follow this plan.

    Thanks again Mike for a great info post.
    Alice and Jerry

  4. Sarah says:


    Interesting idea! Never heard this one before. I think using a point system can be very valuable, especially if you track them on a regular basis. If you know you are going to be recording your productivity, you are much more likely to actually “Be” productive!
    Nice job.


    • Mike says:

      Hi Sarah, As is true with most “systems”, they are only as good as how they are implemented. Thank you for your helpful feedback!

  5. Shea Reinke says:

    I like this! ‘Targeted Mind Mapping’ eh?

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