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Michael takes on a limited number of consulting clients by phone and skype. Using his “laser mentoring” methods, Michael teaches business owners, home based CEO’s, and service based professionals the mindset, motivation, winning strategy, proven tools, and tested systems to “Market from the Heart with Social Media.”

When you don’t have a lot of time and need a fast fix, Michael will listen to and learn your specific business challenges and provide spot on solutions that you can take rapid action on for real results.

When you’ve got more time and are ready for more than a spot fix, he’ll walk you step by step through his “Fast Track Relationship Marketing System” that eliminates the need to ever pitch or cold call and instead gives you the simple success techniques to open doors, turn no into yes, and grow your business confidently and quickly with you.

So, what are you waiting for?? Schedule your one hour phone consultation today!

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Dear Business Owners and Solo Entrepreneurs,

Are You Ready To Make More, Have More Fun, and Truly Create Your Dream Business??

Welcome to your success adventure!

Is this you?….

You are a self starter and used to taking initiative. You are a rapid decision maker because you know that hesitation means lost opportunity. You want to take action at your own pace and have a clear and focused view of both your big dreams and your success steps. I get it and want to work with you to make this happen.

Right now you are likely feeling a bit overwhelmed, stretched thin and in need of real and lasting solutions to working smarter not harder. You have big goals and need a concrete and easy to understand plan to make them happen. You are tired of being scattered in your efforts and not having a proven strategy to take your business forward. I have it.

You understand that your success is based on your mindset and beliefs as much as your actual marketing and motivation. And you are ready to push past what has held you back and any hesitation you have wrestled with?

You will have my support as your mentor who has been where you are and knows clearly how to break through the obstacles you face and uplevel your success. Together we craft your blueprint, define your strategy, select the best tools and tactics, create your success routine, and determine delegation tasks and talent. You don’t have to put off your dreams any longer. You don’t have to wonder when it will get easier, when business will improve, you can do it and I am here to help you achieve it.
YOUR Benefits! The Transformation YOU Can Look Forward To with Michael as your mentor….

So, Are you FINALLY Ready to….

  • Get and Keep Your Profit Pipeline Full of Ideal Clients
  • Reclaim Time from Your Business for Fun with Family and Friends
  • Have Money for the Things That Matter Most To You
  • Boost Your Confidence and Peace of Mind
  • Create Winning Relationships to Support Your Success
  • Sleep Soundly at Night Without Worry About Your Business
  • Master Delegation Simply and Easily for Better Support
  • Vacations Scheduled to Recharge and Renew
  • Improve Your Health with Time for Exercise and Selfcare

I’ve had both long term mentoring and the full day one on one programs and I have to confess that I’ve always enjoyed the freedom of a full day transformation because it truly set me up for a year (or five!) all at once. I’ve got a big appetite for success and a well designed life and I’m betting you do to.

I’ve got both GROUP and PRIVATE Mentoring programs created to move you rapidly up the ladder into the business you dream of. I’ve taken the best of what I’ve experienced in mentorship and coaching and combined it effortlessly into a complete success solution tackling the challenges you are faced with in mindset, marketing (yes new media too), and motivation. I’ve even got DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY!

To request an application for Michael’s “Fast Track” Mentoring

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